Primary – Bright Beginners School (BBS)


-Our building, curriculum, teachers and educational resources work together in a highly-coordinated endeavor that makes the most of the window of opportunity in brain development between infancy and age five.

-This unique approach to early childhood education features stimulating half-hour class rotations that capitalize on how children learn best.

-The programs engage your child across intellectual, emotional, physical and social levels of learning and development.

-We balance learning, fun and rest with inside and outside physical activities to keep children’s interest and excitement for knowledge at a high level.

Our promise to you: The moment you walk through the front door you will see your child’s amazing love for learning already growing.


In Touch


  •   021-34530010

  • Address

  • Plot No # 54-A, Block-2 - P.E.C.H.S
    Near National Bank Kashmir Road.